Transition to retirement

Make the most of your super as you transition to retirement

What is transition to retirement?

With a transition to retirement (TTR) strategy, you could access some of your super while you’re still working, once you have reached preservation age – the age when you can access your super.

You can start a TTR strategy by opening a TTR Income account alongside your regular super account. This way you could save more leading into retirement, or you could wind back on work while topping up your take-home pay.

Find out how by downloading the Transition to retirement with TTR Income brochure (PDF).


How TTR can work for you

Benefits for you

Your income payments are generally tax free, if you’re 60 or over.

Use your TTR Income payments to top up your take-home pay, so you can work less or save more.

Continue to grow your super because you’re still working.

Start this interactive guide to view examples.

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