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Open a TTR Income account while you’re still working to start saving more or working less.

How does TTR Income account work?

A TTR Income account is an AustralianSuper account based pension that gives you the flexibility to receive payments from your super. Your TTR Income account and super account will work together while you're still working, to help you transition to retirement, by topping up your salary using income payments from your super.

Initially, you’ll use money from your super to open your TTR Income account. Your income payments are then transferred directly to your bank account, and since you’re still working, employer contributions mean your super account balance may continue to grow.

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How can TTR benefit you?

See how you can use a transition to retirement (TTR) strategy to access your super as an income before you finish working.

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Consider your advice options

TTR can be complex and isn’t suited to everyone. It’s a good idea to get advice to see if a TTR Income account is right for you. Advice options are available to AustralianSuper members.

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Set up your TTR Income account in a way that suits you

We have investment options to suit everyone’s retirement goals. You can leave your investment choice to us by choosing our Smart Default option, or, if you’re a savvy investor, choose your own.

Your TTR Income account is flexible, so you can change your payment amounts (between the minimum and maximum percentage of your account balance each year) and investment options at any time.

When you join you can use the Smart Default option, or choose your own investment and payment options.

Choosing the Smart Default option

With Smart Default your payments and investment options are pre-selected, modelled and managed by investment experts. This means you’re:

  • invested in 12% Cash and 88% Balanced investment option
  • initially receiving at least 6% of your balance each year; and as you get older this minimum amount will change (see table below),
  • paid every two weeks, and
  • can change your payment and investment options at any time.

Choosing your own options

If you choose your own options, then you can

  • choose DIY and PreMixed investment options,
  • decide how much income you’ll get (minimum and maximum limits apply), and
  • decide how often you’ll get payments – fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or twice a year.

Ready to set up a TTR Income account?

It’s a simple sign-up process to kick start regular income payments.

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Things to know about TTR Income

+Investment returns are not guaranteed. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future returns.

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