Change or cancel your cover

Our insurance options are flexible and you can change or cancel your cover as your life changes.

Before you change your cover you should read our Insurance in your super guide. It contains terms and conditions about insurance, including costs, your eligibility for cover, how much you can apply for, when cover starts and stops and limitations or exclusions. 

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Cancel your cover

To cancel all or part of your cover log into your account or complete a Cancel your insurance form.

Before you do, there are a few important things you should think about.

If you cancel your cover:

  • you or your beneficiaries won’t be able to make an insurance claim if something happens after the cancellation
  • you might not be able to get cover later. That's because you'll need to reapply and provide detailed health information for the insurer to consider.

You should consider getting financial advice to help work out if cancellation is right for you.

If you do cancel your cover, the cost of it will stop being deducted from your super account.


Download Cancel your insurance form PDF (86 KB)

How much cover do you need?

Our Insurance calculator works out how much cover you’ll need and what it’ll cost, based on your age as well as other personal and financial details.

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Change your cover

Our cover designs allow you to increase, reduce or change your cover to suit your needs. 

What happens when you apply for or increase your insurance? 

In some cases, when you change your cover you’ll need to provide detailed health information for the insurer to consider. You'll need to do this when you:

  • apply for new cover
  • increase your cover
  • change your Income Protection benefit payment period to:
    - up to five years or up to age 65, or 
    - up to two years (if you’re aged 63 or 64).

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